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more than 1,000 downloads

wrote about cross stitch casper

it took a little more than a week for über 1,000 downloads of Cross Stitch Casper. my expectations are more than met.


Two more reviews of the game out there. To be honest, I had to translate part of them to understand what it was about.

Samer Kurdi wrote an article on freewaregenius.

The other one can be found at Rock Paper Shotgun.

I really liked John Walker criticizing how the story unfolds. It seems hard to get ‘negative’ feedback when working on an indie title (as long as the work is not a complete failure).
The article made me reflect a lot about how I designed the story of the game. I may or may not agree about where the flaws lie, but it helped me finding things that I personally would have preferred to solve in a different way.

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