Pure Clicks – – – Extended Version

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Pure Clicks

- exit Casper’s Bedroom
- open the door to the far left.
- talk to the man
- enter your dad’s bedroom, talk to him
- pick up bottle
- exit bedroom, talk to the man again
- exit ranch (door to the far right)
- interact with fence
- interact with the well to fill the bucket
- use bottle on bucket, get bottle of water
- take candle from grave
- enter ranch, open latch on the oven
- first use wood on latch, then candle
- use bottle of water on pot
- push pot
- use mail on steam (look at open mail)
- use hole in fence
- enter grandmother’s house, talk to her
- exit house, talk to man on street
- enter ranch, talk to Pontus
- same as above
- search for alcohol. There are 4 options (use at least three of them)
   - locker in main room
   - cupboard built into the oven
   - small table in Casper’s room
   - barkeeper at Saloon
- exit garden
- try to enter Pontus’ room.
- take mouse trap from Casper’s room
- use mouse trap on Pontus’ door
- take key out of Pontus’ hat
- enter basement
- take empty bottle from shelf
- fill bottle using the valve
- give full bottle to Pontus
- take piece of charcoal from oven
- give contract to Pontus’
- give signed contract to your lawyer (Saloon)
- ask barkeeper for mr. raynold
- talk to mr. raynold
- try to wake up Pontus’
- get bucket of water from well
- use bucket on Pontus’

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Say good morning to Casper.
Leave your bedroom, then to the left and try to open the door to the far right (your dad’s bedroom). Someone will knock on the front door. Have a look who it is. Tell the man at the door that you will go and get your dad.

Enter your dad’s bedroom and interact with him. He will get angry and throw an empty bottle after you. Pick up the bottle and talk to the man at the front door again. Lie to him about your dad’s whereabouts, then try to get more information out of him. The man will give you a letter addressed to your dad.

Let’s try to open that letter without damaging the seal. Go to the garden (the door all the way to the right). Interact with the fence to break off a piece of wood. Go to the back part of the garden and use the well. Casper will fill up the bucket with fresh water. Use the empty bottle on the bucket to fill it with water. Finally, take the candle from your mom’s grave.

Return inside. Time to cook some water! Open the oven’s latch and use the piece of wood on the open latch. Add the candle and you’ll have yourself a fire. Use the bottle with water on the pot standing on the oven, then interact with the pot to push it over to the hot side. The water will start boiling and steam appears. Use the letter on the steam and the moisture will open it.

Look at the open letter to find out that Casper needs his Grandmother’s help to understand it’s content. Exit to the garden and use the hole in the fence to slip through to your grandmother’s garden. (There you’ll see some flowers. If you want, pick one and find out yourself what to do with it. this is purely optional)

Enter your grandmother’s house and click on her to start a conversation.

Grandmother will take matters into her hands. Exit the door to the left to get to the street and speak to the man. Ask him what he wants, after that he is willing to tell him who he is if you ask him.

Enter the Stoppe Ranch and try to talk to casper’s dad. As that won’t have any effect on him, it’s time to take a more serious approach. In the following cutscene you’ll get a contract from your attorney. It needs casper’s dad Pontus signature.

Go back to Pontus and try to talk him into signing the contract. But all he wants is alcohol. Let’s make him more cooperative by giving him what he wants. Inside the house there’s three places you can look for alcohol (the locker in front of Pontus’ room / the small table in Casper’s room / the cupboard built into the oven). You can also go to the Saloon and ask the barkeeper.
Try your luck in at least three of those places, then go to the backyard of the Stoppe ranch. In the following cutscene Casper reveals that there might be some liquor in the basement and that the keys to the door are hidden in his dad’s hat.

Try returning to Pontus’ room. The squeaking door prevents you from sneaking in unnoticed. Go into Casper’s bedroom and pick up the mouse trap. There’s a piece of butter on there, that will do just fine when used on Pontus’ bedroom door. Now you can enter the room and take the keys out of the hat.

Return to the garden and use the keys on the basement door. Inside the basement, go down the stairs (poor old woman) and take an empty bottle from the shelf. Put the bottle under the tap, then interact with the tap to get a nice full bottle of moonshine. Pick it up and return to Pontus, who will down it immediately. Now you need something to write. Go to the oven and open the latch, inside there’s a piece of charcoal.

Give the charcoal (or the contract) to Pontus. He’ll sign it and fall back into his near-coma. Go to the saloon and hand the signed contract over to your attorney. Now you’re finally ready to confront the bully. Ask the bartender for Mr. Raynold, he’ll send you to the back room. Talk to Mr. Raynold and inform him that the ranch is your property. He’ll get furious and after a short cutscene commands you to send Pontus out to the street.

Try to wake Pontus. He’s too drunk to even understand what you’re saying. Walk into the backyard and take the bucket with water from the well. Return to Pontus and use the bucket to give him a nice cold shower.

That’s it, lean back and enjoy the final cutscene.