Play on mac OsX

While there’s no native Mac OS X version of the game, you can easily play Cross Stitch Casper on your Mac using Wineskin.
With Wineskin you can start Windows programs on Mac OS X. Nothing else is needed, it’s completely legal and best of all, it’s free!

It’s easier than you might think, just follow these steps:

1. You’ll need the program called Wineskin Winery.

2. Once downloaded, open it. It should look something like this.

Wineskin Start Screen

3. Click on “Create New Wrapper” and choose a fancy name (wild suggestion: CrossStitchCasper. For the rest of this guide let’s just assume that’s the name you chose).

4. Wineskin will start working and after a few moments prompt you “Wrapper Creation Finished”.
You might just hit the button “View Wrapper In Finder”, otherwise find it yourself by navigating to your user folder –> Applications –> Wineskin.
Open the file

Wrapper Options

5. Click “Install Software” and on the next sceen select “Copy a Folder Inside”.
Now you have to navigate to the folder where the game is lying (it needs to be extracted first).

6. Wineskin asks you to select the executable file. CrossStitchcasper.exe should be preselected. If it isn’t, look at the dropdown menue and select it. Hit “OK”.
(if you’d like, you can choose to run the winsetup.exe as main executable file, it will work as well and you have the option to play around with the settings. Be aware: the game doesn’t seem to run properly if you try to use the fullscreen mode)

7. That’s pretty much it. Click “Quit” and your wrapper is ready to go. Double click it again and the game should start.

This procedure has been tested on OSX 10.8.3 with a not-state-of-the-art Macbook Pro and it works like a charm.
Note: Using Control+Click for right-clicks does not work in wineskin! There are several workarounds to this problem:
- activate the option to use two finger click for secondary clicks (System Preferences –> Trackpad)
- use a different mouse, one that has more than a single button.

A few notes:
When tested, sometimes the game only worked after starting the Wine wrapper twice (the first time the screen was black). If you have any comments/hints/complaints about this procedure, please drop us a note.

Thanks to doh123 and the Wineskin Project for this great piece of software. If you enjoy it, consider a small donation.