license / credits


©2013 Daniel Batliner.

Cross Stitch Casper is freeware and cannot be distributed for commercial profit. In case you paid money for it, try to get it back (and send it to the developer instead ;) ). Feel free to share the game. we actually encourage you to do so.

Cross Stitch Casper may be redistributed on websites focused on video games or computer software as long as it includes all of its original files and documentation. If you’d like to use it for anything else, please be kind enough to ask. A short mail to, and your request will most likely be granted (just because you had the decency to ask for it).


Concept, art, animation, sfx, developement: Daniel Batliner
Title song: Christian Peter
Additional song: Christian Peter, Daniel Batliner
(the songs were recorded with a crappy microphone and never intended to be used for anything else than our own nostalgia)

Proofreading: Francis de Mont
Beta-testing: Stuart Forbes

Cross Stitch Casper was built using the AGS Engine, developed by Chris Jones and the AGS Community.

Special thanks go to:
- people from the AGS Forum
- my girlfriend and son for coping with my lack of focus on them
- Christian Peter for the countless jam sessions we had years ago
- Dany Willis for his shriek of delight when I showed him the very first animation

AGS Modules/Plugins:
- SpriteFont Renderer by Calin Leafshade
- Fire Plugin by Steve McCrea

Additional SFX:
Several effects from
Following pieces found on
- doorcreaking9 by Zabuhailo
- milk bottles by waterboy920
- snore-okm2 by ermine
- purr by sagetyrtle
- wind by TreasureBoxFilms
- 33_MDOOR by ReWired
- Buzzing_bee_24_96_stereo by higginsdj
- Explosion by Nbs Dark
- FireBurning_V2 by pcaeldries
- Splash by daveincamas

- one out of the Ripped Jeans Brushes from
- fire rings brushes by XResch
- this cross stitch tutorial from PSDDude was very helpfull in creating the background