cross stitch casper

Cross Stitch Casper

Cross Stitch Casper is an adventure game created by designer Daniel Batliner.

It’s a game that focuses on story and characters.
The homely embroidered graphics are in contrast to the bleak home of main protagonist.

As player you control little Casper. But you’re not him. You’re just observing the world he’s living in and the struggles he has to endure.
How will he manage to get through his daily live’s struggles? Will he at all?
The only person sympathizing with him seems to be his grandmother. Then again, how much can an old woman do?

Cross Stitch Casper is completely free, just grab it from the download page. If you enjoy the game, you might want to consider a small donation.


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  1. [...] you first set your eyes on Cross Stitch Casper (download here) and see its unique cross-stitch graphics, you’ll probably make the assumption [...]

  2. [...] xs into patterned cloth. Lunchtimes could get ugly. If only there had been the uniting force of Cross Stitch Casper back [...]

  3. [...] xs into patterned cloth. Lunchtimes could get ugly. If only there had been the uniting force of Cross Stitch Casper back [...]

  4. MegaBoy says:

    My god. I like the game, but that was the most depressing adventure game I’ve ever played.

  5. Saddened Sarah says:

    This game was very well made and aesthetically pleasing, however the story was ultimately quite sad. I wish we could have learned more about Casper’s past (the monster in the well) and eventually secured a happy ending for Casper.

    • Disagreeing Dan says:

      I disagree. i enjoyed the game, and was especially enthralled with the lucid colors of the fire at the end. I don’t care about Casper’s past, I care about my present.

    • Janos Biro says:

      It’s a nicely done game, but I also felt that the ending is unnecessarily tragic. I guess that appeals to a certain “taste”, but I believe this taste wears off with the coming of real life experiences of suffering.

  6. Ava says:

    This is definitely not like anything I’ve ever played before (and I know a lot of adventure games). Very unusual graphics and a disturbingly sad story make this short game leave a lasting impression. I hope you will create more in the future.

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